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TLC Approves "Taxi of Tomorrow"

TLC Approves "Taxi of Tomorrow"
Taxi and Limousine Commission re-approves Nissan "Taxi of Tomorrow" project after legal speed bump
New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission re-approved the "Taxi of Tomorrow" project today. The project hit a snag last month when the state supreme court ruled the taxis violated a city law requiring cab owners to have a hybrid option.  
Thirteen-thousand of the new Nissan designed cabs are expected to replace the city's current fleet by 2018. TLC commissioner David Yassky says the "Taxi of Tomorrow" is big step forward for NYC cab service.  
Yassky says, "I believe that when that vehicle hits the streets in October, the taxi passengers will feel that something really meaningful has been done for them and something meaningful has been done to improve their experience."
The TLC is now allowing taxi owners to buy the new cab or an approved hybrid vehicle starting in October.