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Tim Showalter - FUV Live Guest DJ - 2014

Tim Showalter of Strand of Oaks is our Guest DJ on FUV Live tonight at 9.



2014 was a pretty incredible year for Tim Showalter. The Philly-based songwriter released his latest album as Strand of Oaks called Heal to widespread critical acclaim. He also enjoyed more success at radio and in touring than ever before. Much of that can be attributed to Tim’s outgoing, joyous personality. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Tim on a few occasions and the conversations always found their way back to music of all kinds. Those conversations inspired the idea to have different artists come up to WFUV to play some of their favorite songs and albums of the year, and here is Tim's takeover of FUV airwaves!

[recorded: 12/5/14]


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