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Thurston Moore: 2017



Thurston Moore is one of rock's great trailblazers. The former guitarist, vocalist and songwriter of Sonic Youth, New York City's groundbreaking art punk/noise rock band, continues to create innovative, forward thinking music as a solo artist since the demise of that band in 2011.

In 2014, Moore released The Best Day, his first album following Sonic Youth's breakup. He now follows that with Rock N Roll Consciousness, his fifth solo studio album. Featuring the Thurston Moore Group (James Sedwards on guitar, Deb Googe on bass and backing vocals and longtime Sonic Youth member, Steve Shelley on drums), Rock N Roll Consciousness is a free flowing, jam-oriented collection of five songs, recorded by Paul Epworth.

Getting to meet a musician as brilliant as Thurston Moore, who turns 59 years old on July 25, was an honor. Getting to have such a pleasurable conversation with him was a thrill.

[recorded: 5/22/17]