The Hold Steady: 2019

The Hold Steady in Studio A (photo by Steven Ruggiero/WFUV)
by Eric Holland | 09/18/2019 | 12:01am

The Hold Steady in Studio A (photo by Steven Ruggiero/WFUV)

How refreshing and satisfying to not only get a new album from The Hold Steady, but one that may be their best one yet. Thrashing Thru the Passion is the sound of a band at the height of its powers.

Multi-instrumentalist Franz Nicolay, playing the WFUV piano as well as keyboards in Studio A, has rejoined the band. So for the first time, the group recorded with a six-piece lineup — the best of all possible worlds scenario!

The arrangements are rich but uncluttered, while frontman Craig Finn has elevated his lyrics to new heights of beer-soaked wisdom. He’s a storyteller of the first order and his characters have never been as vital and engaging.

In this FUV Live session, hear Finn parse some lyrics and, along with co-founder Tad Kubler, give insight into how the songs came together.

[Recorded: 9/9/19; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]

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