TAS Picks The Songs Of Summer 2011

by TAS Staff | 09/08/2011 | 11:13am

Holy Ghost!

The TAS staff has been having a hard time accepting this week's unofficial end of summer 2011  - and we're really dreading the official dénouement of all of that hot fun on September 23.

Below is a list of singles from the TAS family that made our personal playlists over the last three months - plus you can hear TAS' Russ Borris and Alisa Ali, along with WFUV's Claudia Marshall, bid summer adieu with their spinning agility this Friday, September 9 on the FUV boat, a three-hour floating dance party on New York's Circle Line. Tickets are still available, but are going fast! More details here.

Alisa Ali (TAS and TAS on WNYE host):

Washed Out, "Amor Fati" - This song always makes me feel like I'm in a slow motion montage scene from a John Hughes film. Love it!
Holy Ghost!, "Some Children" - A song that combines my love of smooth music (thank you, Michael McDonald) and awesome beats. Oh, and have I mentioned how cool the video is?
Beastie Boys, "Make Some Noise" -  Because yes, Beastie Boys. I'm still with you and I will make some noise about that. Thanks!


Eric Holland (TAS Weekend Host): 

Sleeper Agent, "That's My Baby" -  A simple little ditty that burrows into your brain from five young guys and their younger female singer from Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Battles, "Sweetie & Shag" -  Adding Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino to superman drummer John Stanier's hip NYC outfit for this song makes it essential summer of '11 material.
Mister Heavenly, "Bronx Sniper" - Tough, riffy, dangerous rock song based in TAS's home borough from very talented trio who we know from previous work with Man Man, Islands, and Modest Mouse.


Kara Manning (TAS Web Editor, TAS on WNYE Interviewer)

Little Dragon, "Ritual Union" - The sexy, electro-pop sashay of Little Dragon's breezy, but partly cloudy single, buoyed by Yukimo Nagano's perturbed coo of a confession, demanded repeat listens. And Nagano gets bonus points for being on one of the other terrific songs of this season, SBTRKT's slow-burning "Wildfire."
SBTRKT, "Pharoahs" - Along with the aforementioned "Wildfire," the breathy, twitchy canter of this sleek, synth-pop gem seemed to be playing all over London in late July.
Bombay Bicycle Club, "Shuffle" - From their sharp new album, A Different Kind of Fix (only available on iTunes Stateside), comes this effusive single that unfolds like a sun-splashed day with intermittent, piano-plonked raindrops.

Honorable Mention: Holy Ghost!, "Jam For Jerry" and Metronomy's "The Bay."


Sarah Wardop (WFUV/TAS Acting Assistant Program Director)

Granted, LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" was unavoidable (unless you listened to TAS and FUV only), but three other songs that made their way into my summer:
Foster The People, "Pumped Up Kicks" - A track that was old news to many, but its hooks made it even more of a hit. And, its lyrics made it one of the more bizarre summer sing-a-longs of late.
The Head and the Heart,  "Down In The Valley" - The road-trip song of my summer from an album that was pretty much on repeat
WILD FLAG, "Romance" - A late-summer entry, but it made up for lost time. Pure pop punk riffage.


Russ Borris (TAS and TAS on WNYE host, WFUV assistant music director):

Bon Iver, "Beth/Rest"
Fool's Gold, "Wild Window"
Washed Out, "Amor Fati"


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