Strike a Chord: Landing a Job with a Disability

by Rob Palazzolo | 03/04/2015 | 6:00am

Strike a Chord: Landing a Job with a Disability

Trying to land a good job in New York City is tough for anyone. But if you have a disability, the challenges pile on. As part of WFUV's Strike a Chord campaign on accessibility, Rob Palazzolo looks at what it takes to give everyone a shot at a career.

Annette Feliciano works at the Shake Shack in Battery Park City, and she is a dedicated worker. Just after Hurricane Sandy hit, the Shake Shack still had power--and somehow, she got there to start her shift. Of course, she acted like it was no big deal.

"It's rough, but we made it." said Feliciano. "We get there to work." 

Feliciano got her job through Jobpath, and organization that helps people with developmental disabilities find work. Ryan Finger was her case manager. 

"I got to work with Annette for several months before the job search began, and during that time I got to know her as someone who has a really strong work ethic, who wants to have a job where she's appreciated, where she can be kept busy," said Finger. 

Carol Glazer is the head of the National Organization on Disability. They have helped companies like Lowe's home improvement stores hire up to 150 people with disabilities. And Glazer said these individuals have a lot to contribute to the workplace. 

"The resilience you need, the problem solving skills, the tenacity--all of those qualities are unique assets for persons with disabilities," said Glazer. 

Feliciano is definitely happy with her workplace environment. 

"I have a great team," she said. "They always respect me 100 percent." 

"And they always call me mom, because I always care about them," she added with a smile.

Feliciano has been working at Shake Shack for two years. She has also started training new employees


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