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Strike a Chord: Delivering Food and Dignity to Those in Need

Photo Credit: Josh Plueger

When a person is sick or injured it can be difficult for them to get food, especially if they don't have family or friends on hand, but there's one organization that provides cooking and home delivery for people who are sick.
Karen Pearl, CEO and President of God's Love We Deliver, said the organization was designed to make getting food as easy as possible, especially when food can be the last thing on a sick person's mind. 
"What our food does is result in better health outcomes, lowered cost of care, and much happier people who are in their home and able to stay there because they have the nutrition that they need," Pearl said.
The charity has more than 17,000 volunteers who serve more than 8,000 meals a day. Pearl said despite the challenge the work presents, it's beyond worth it
"We are delivering meals and we are delivering nutrition, but we are also delivering dignity, hope, and love to thousands and thousands of people who count on us when they are alone," Pearl said.
God's Love We Deliver started as an organization to help homebound people with HIV/AIDs during the height of the epidemic, but has since expanded to help people with various conditions.