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Strike A Chord: Boot Camp Style Training in Manhattan

[Photo: PFC Charlie Chavez, wikipedia]


Marine veteran Alex Fell is leading a fitness class at a studio in Midtown Manhattan. Fell served in the marines from 1996 -2003.

Five years after getting out, he and his friend decided to share the boot camp style regimen they experienced in the military with others. They founded Warrior Fitness Boot Camp. Fell says its become more than a business opportunity.

“The best thing about this business is the people. We’ve become such good friends, and really become a part of peoples lives and they've become a part of ours and so getting up everyday and getting to see them and really come in and do what you love to do, its really fun.” 

All of Fell’s fitness instructors have military ties, like Matt Sabo who left the Marines in 2014. He says the opportunity has made his transition to civilian life more rewarding.  

“Working at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp has allowed me to kind of be an advocate for the veteran community. And it gives me a good feeling knowing that past veterans are offering job positons for veterans who are transitioning.”  

Alex Fell says the future of the company looks bright, as they recently opened a second location in Brooklyn. He says he ideally wants one in every city across the nation.