Partnership to End Addiction

Partnership to End Addiction

February 05, 2024|wfuvnews

The Partnership to End Addiction is a national organization working to prevent addiction and provide effective treatment for...

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run

December 07, 2023|Caroline Ealy
WFUV’s Caroline Ealy speaks with program organizers at Girls on the Run New York City.
Girls playing sports with PowerPlay  (Credit: PowerPlay NYC)

Strike a Chord: PowerPlay

December 04, 2023|Christina Ljuljic
How PowerPlay empowers girls through sports
I'RAISE Boys and Girls International Corporation Logo

Strike a Chord: I'RAISE

November 30, 2023|Isabel Danzis
I'RAISE CEO Shanequa Moore on improving student mental health through after school engagement
The Jed Foundation

The Jed Foundation

November 16, 2023|Jay Doherty
WFUV’s Jay Doherty talks with Laura Erickson-Schroth from the Jed Foundation.
Harmony Program

Strike A Chord: Harmony Program

November 09, 2023|David Escobar
WFUV's David Escobar talks with Anne Fitzgibbon from the Harmony Program.

How a World Record Holder Swimmer Stays at The Top of Her Game

March 07, 2019|Natalie Migliore

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Before a long day at the office Jenny Cook and her teammates rise before the sun to get in an early...

Marijuana leaf

Seniors are Embracing Medical Marijuana

March 06, 2019|Julia Rist
Zelda Fassler never thought she would call herself a marijuana user.
She's 86 and has deteriorating nerve damage. Fassler...

Retired Maestro Helps Older Adults Stay Active

March 06, 2019|George Bodarky

Retired conductor David Dworkin is nearly 85 years old, but he’s as active as ever and doing his part to help other older...

Aging with Bipolar Disorder

March 05, 2019|Natalie Migliore

The Bridge NY helps senior citizens with behavioral and mental health challenges thrive

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69-year-old Rhoda...