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Some NYC Women's Groups Not Happy with Spitzer's...

Some NYC Women's Groups Not Happy with Spitzer's Run for Comptroller
The National Organization of Women and The Women's City Club of New York spoke out Wednesday on the steps of City Hall.
A few New York City women's groups gathered Wednesday to criticize Eliot Spitzer's decision to run for city comptroller.
Spitzer was caught in a prostitution scandal back in 2008 when he was Governor of New York. He apologized for his actions during his announcement to run for comptroller, but the women's groups say Spitzer was never fully held accountable.
President Sonia Ossorio of The New York CIty branch of the National Organization of Women says voting for Spitzer just wouldn't make sense for women.
"If you are a woman and you want someone who thinks about women, who is going to be attuned to their needs, why would you vote for the guy who just used women as objects? I mean, we can do better than that," Ossorio explained. 
In addition to not being in tune with the needs of women, Executive Director of the Women's City Club Taina Bien-Amie says Spitzer violated the public's trust.
"If you abuse power - whoever you are in an elected office - you cannot continue to gain the public trust and maintain the public trust while you abuse that power," she said. 
Spitzer has apologized publicly for his actions, but he still needs to collect a few thousand signatures ahead of Thursday night to get on the ballot to run for comptroller.