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Albert Einstein writing on a blackboard Wikimedia
by Corny O'Connell | 02/27/2024 | 5:00am

Albert Einstein 1931 (Wikimedia)

In case you didn't know, you can ask your smart speaker to play WFUV. You can also use your smart phone to listen to WFUV. Plus, you can put your dumbbells in the dumb waiter so that you don't have to carry them upstairs. The point is, some of you will be clever enough to think of a song about intelligence or lack thereof. Who wants to write their answer on the board? We'll have a presentation.

Hear your requests weekdays after 9 a.m.
Today's set:

  • John Mayer "My Stupid Mouth"
  • The Mavericks with Trisha Yearwood "Something Stupid"
  • Aimee Mann "Wise Up"
  • XTC "The Mayor of Simpleton"
  • Connie Francis "Stupid Cupid"

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