Small Feet: 2015

by Russ Borris | 07/31/2015 | 12:50pm

Small Feet with Russ Borris at WFUV

Simon Stalhamre is the man behind the Stockholm-based outfit Small Feet.  The band's debut, From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean, is a beautiful album, evoking thoughts of early Neil Young and Fleet Foxes. 

Having spent part of his youth battling some personal struggles, Stalhamre writes songs that you can feel, knowing that his feelings at some point in your life have been your feelings too.  It is a journey through darkness, but at the end there is certainly light. 

Stalhamre's first trek to the United States brought him to Studio A for a great live session and conversation, and the singer revealed which American TV show helped him learn English!

[recorded: 7/7/15]

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