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Shakey Graves - FUV Live - 2015

Hear an FUV Live session with Shakey Graves tonight at 9.


Alejandro Rose-Garcia has covered a lot of ground in his young life. An aspiring actor with a deep-seated love for songwriting, he initially spent a few years living between Austin and Los Angeles, while pursuing an acting career. There were some notable successes, including a recurring role on the TV series “Friday Night Lights," which provided him the means to move to New York. Once here, Rose-Garcia found his way to the Monday open mic nights at the SideWalk Cafe in the East Village, where he dubbed himself Shakey Graves. He became a one-man band and soon recorded his 2012 low-fi folk debut, Roll The Bones, in a friend’s Brooklyn apartment.
Rose-Garcia moved back to Austin, fully committed to pursuing music, and taking all that he had learned to building up his following and filling bigger and bigger rooms. Now with a record deal, a three-piece band, and an international tour, Shakey Graves is becoming a known entity. On his first visit to Studio A, we hear the bold evolution of his sound with live performances of songs from his new album, ...And The War Came.  Although nothing could have predicted how successful Shakey Graves would become, none of this happened accidentally. His story is a modern, yet old-fashioned tale of an artist with a vision. Rose-Garcia's patient and steady pursuit of his dream that got him to this point is now propelling him into the future. 
[recorded: 2/13/15]