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(Sandy) Alex G: 2020

(Sandy) Alex G in Studio A (photo by Jake Lee/WFUV)

(Sandy) Alex G in Studio A (photo by Jake Lee/WFUV)



Throughout the past decade, (Sandy) Alex G has been building a solid reputation as a DIY singer and songwriter with music made in his Philadelphia home studio. He makes his first visit to WFUV’s Studio A in this FUV Live session.

Fans will appreciate his feelings about the term "lo-fi," which is sometimes applied to his music. He also offered insight into drum sounds and other minutia surrounding the production of his latest album as (Sandy) Alex G, called House Of Sugar. It's the source for the pair of songs that the musician (real name Alex Giannascoli) performs in this session: "Southern Sky" and "In My Arms."

In our conversation, Alex also discusses the inspiration behind his lyrics and the wide range of moods and styles he's found not only on this new album, but throughout his career. 

[Recorded: 11/18/19; Engineer: Jim O'Hara; Producer: Sarah Wardrop]


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