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Rockaway Residents Want Permanent Ferry Service

Rockaway Residents Want Permanent Ferry Service
Rockaway Beach Ferry Service is up for re-evaluation next week, and residents don't want to see it go.

Ferry service to the Rockaways could be discontinued next week, and some residents are not happy about that.

The city began running ferries from Rockaway Beach to Wall Steet after Superstorm Sandy demolished the A Subway line. The Queens peninsula was ravaged by the storm and is still recovering, with A train service only returning last month. The return of the A was supposed to mean the end of the ferries, but Queens Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder's delivered a petition with over three thousand residents' signatures to Mayor Bloomberg demanding the service continue. 

Goldfeder spoke outside City Hall today.  He says the Rockaways have always needed more transportation options.

"Our public transportation infrastructure is awful at best.  I commend the MTA for getting the A back as quickly as they did, but it's not enough.  It wasn't enough before the storm, and it's not enough after the storm."

Rockaway Beach resident Danny Ruscillo rode the ferry this morning.  He says he's amazed at the short commute into Lower Manhattan, and wants Mayor Bloomberg to keep it going.

"We can't just have the A train. We need more transportation here.  Sometimes the busses are overcrowded...less than fifty minutes.  Mr. Mayor, we implore you!" transportation options.

On May 28, Mayor Bloomberg said the city would re-evaluate the service in six weeks and continue it through Labor Day if ridership is high.  It costs two dollars to ride the ferry, which runs between Rockaway Beach and Wall Street. Goldfeder says an average of 350 people have been riding the ferry each day.  He says he has a good feeling the Mayor will extend the service next week, but still doesn't want to see it end after Labor Day.