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Robert Finley: 2018

Robert Finley at WFUV

Robert Finley at WFUV (photo by Dan Tuozzoli)



This is a remarkable story of perseverance and keeping your dreams close at hand. As a sixty-something musician, Robert Finley has just released his second album, Goin' Platinum. ​It's an album that's all about the songs, the production, and the voice of this unique artist who has a story to tell.

Finley is from the tiny​ ​town of Bernice, Louisiana, right near the Arkansas line. In his younger days, his music took him all over the world. Joining the Army as a teenager, Finley was sent to Europe as a helicopter technician, but found more appealing work as the leader of the Army band. He toured the continent many times over on guitar and vocals.

Following his many travels in military service, he learned the trade of carpentry and settled back home in the States. ​But his love of music became a hobby ​more than career​, until his life took a serious turn in recent years and his eyesight began to deteriorate due to glaucoma. His dwindling vision made carpentry challenging, but brought Finley back to music.

Goin’ Platinum​ is produced by the Black Keys' ​Dan Auerbach​ and released by Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound​ label. It features an A-list of players and showcases Finley's life-learned artistry. This is a voice that needs to be heard and a man who belongs on stage sharing his gift.

I'm so glad it happened for Robert Finley.

[recorded: 5/22/18]