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Report: Poorly Fitted A-C Units Suck Energy from NYC


A new report says gaps in A-C units cost the city big in energy.

The Urban Green Council says if you add up all the gaps in A-C units in New York City, you'll get a hole almost as large as a Manhattan block. 

Their report called There are Holes in Our City's Walls says poorly fitted air conditioners cost city buildings between $130 and $180 million in extra energy costs every year.

Urban Green Council Executive Director Russel Unger said it's a simple problem. "You know I think everyone understands that when you go out in winter you need both a winter coat and you need the thing to be zipped up.  And without both of those happening you're not going to be warm, and that's the same thing for buildings." 

Studies show energy leakage through A-C units accounts for one percent of the city's greenhouse gas emissions.

The environmental consulting firm, Steven Winter Associates, partnered with the Council to conduct the study.  The firm's Jason Block said the problem can't be ignored.  He said "if New York City is trying to reduce their carbon footprint by 2030, one percent is an achievable goal, and that's a big number." 

Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC seeks to reduce city emissions by 30 percent in the next 19 years.