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Quinn Lands Support of Women's Advocacy Group

Quinn Lands Support of Women's Advocacy Group
National Organization for Women endorses Christine Quinn for mayor -- but not necessarily because she is a woman.

New York City's chapter of the National Organization for Women has endorsed City Council speaker Christine Quinn for mayor -- the race's only woman. And while the public support may seem somewhat obvious, the organization is endorsing Quinn because she has the greatest record and "just so happens to be a woman," a statement from the advocacy group said.

"Christine Quinn's candidacy is inspiring to women across New York, not simply because she is a woman, but because she is a woman who has the strongest record of accomplishment of anyone in the race," said Sonia Ossorio, president of New York City's chapter of the organization, in a statement.

This endorsement is just the latest in a string of support Quinn has received from women's rights groups and feminists in the city. The Dominican Women's Coalition and the Women's Campaign Fund are among the groups that have expressed their support.

The National Organization for Women is the largest group of feminist activists in the United States.