Question of the Day: Trees

Image Caption: Question of the Day: Trees
by Morning Show | 04/29/2015 | 3:58pm

The Rockefeller Tree will be lit right before 9:00pm this evening. This year the tree is an 80-foot tall Norway Spruce from New Jersey that survived Sandy; over 30,000 LED lights will help spread the Christmas cheer this evening. So, today's question is about trees. Are you a tree lover? Or are you not even able to tell the difference between a maple and an oak? Post a comment below or send us an email at

Here's today's Question of the Day:

1. "Feed The Tree" - Belly

2. "Sugar Magnolia" - The Grateful Dead

3. "If A Tree Falls" - Bruce Cockburn

4. "Lemon Tree" - Peter, Paul, and Mary

5. "The Battle of the Trees" - Katell Keineg

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