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Queensbridge Park Waterfront Long Blocked by Chain Link...

Queensbridge Park Waterfront Long Blocked by Chain Link Fence Will Receive an Upgrade
New York City Officials Break Ground to Repair Seawall.

Queensbridge Park along the East River in Long Island City is getting an upgrade.

Local residents have been unable to fully enjoy the scenic view of the water because the park's seawall needs repairs, but city officials broke ground Friday to rebuild a fenced off area bordering the river. Holly Leicht, Executive Director of the advocacy group New Yorkers for Parks, said access to the waterfront would enhance the area.

"The fields, the other pathways, the playgrounds, sitting areas, really everything about this park is in pretty good shape but for the waterfront," Leicht said.

Queensbridge Park received a C+ rating from New Yorkers for Parks last year. Leicht said the score could improve to an A+ with waterfront access.

"It would be dangerous not to have the fence there, but it's been in that state for awhile," Leicht said. "It's great to see that it's finally going to start being repaired."