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A Proposal to Lift a Fireworks Ban in NY & NJ

A Proposal to Lift New York's Fireworks Ban
A firework distributer sparks a conversation about lifting firework bans in New York and New Jersey

In New York City it is illegal for people to set off their own fireworks.  After a study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that firework related injuries in 2012 were on the decline, enthusiast Bill Weimer decided to use the upcoming holiday to spark a conversation about lifting firework bans in four states, including New York is the vice president of a national firework distributor called Phantom Fireworks.  With the 4th of July coming up, Wiemer is calling for legislation to lift bans on fireworks.

"Fireworks are better than they ever have been before, injury rates are down, and the need to have these laws just doesn't exist anymore."

Bill Weimer is the Vice President of Phantom Fireworks, a national firework distributer based in Ohio.  He says the laws are outdated because fireworks are safer now.

"Over the last 18 years, use of fireworks has doubled when the injury rates have gone down about twenty-three percent."

Mayor Bloomberg says that he still worries about firework safety for kids, and would not support making fireworks legal.  He does encourage people to visit and enjoy New York City's public firework show later this week.