Palma Violets: 2015

by Eric Holland | 06/25/2015 | 6:52pm

Palma Violets with Eric Holland

Just because the Palma Violets are asked a question doesn't mean that they'll give you an answer. It certainly doesn't mean that they'll give you a straight answer. Still, answers did finally emerge when they visited FUV's Bronx studios—in asides and besides—regarding the story of recording their second album English Tongue. They even offered up stories that predate the band's formation.

The London quartet knows that it's still the early years of the band and that they have the potential to have a great career. Bassist Chilli Jesson noted they were guarded in their ambition, trying not to grow too quickly, and he also revealed how he refuses to play to a click track. Jesson knows it's not all about being in time.  

Listen to and watch the Palma Violets' kinetic Studio A set which includes "Girl, You Couldn't Do Much Better on the Beach" and "English Tongue."

[recorded: 5/18/15]

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