Officials Launch Initiative to Keep Trash Off NYC Beaches

Image Caption: Officials Launch Initiative to Keep Trash Off NYC Beaches
by Kris Venezia | 04/29/2015 | 4:16pm

"Clean Streets = Clean Beaches" program aims to prevent litter.

New York City officials met today out front of MCU Park in Coney Island to launch the campaign. 

The "Clean Streets, Clean Beaches" program aims to rid the shoreline of garbage by preventing litter on the streets. City agencies say when it rains, trash floats through storm drains and winds up on the beach. Carter Strickland is the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, and he was out in Brooklyn today to kick-off the program. 

"New Yorkers need to know that if you drop a candy wrapper in the street, there's a chance it will get washed up on our beaches," he said. 

The campaign began in the early 1990's, and this year's initiative will put up flyers urging New Yorkers to throw their trash out. The posters feature an image of a clean Rockaway Beach.

Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Society, John Dohlin, was also in attendance. He emphasized that wildlife gets affected when garbage travels to New York City beaches. 

"Just off-shore [there's] over 300 species of fish, great whales, sea turtles, harbor seals, and even 26 species of sharks. We want you to know that [the] wilderness needs to be protected," Dohlin said.  
The initiative will include a clean-up on six city shorelines on August 12th. Department of Enivornmental Protection staff will also hand out reusable tote bags to beach patrons to limit the use of non-recyclable plastic or paper bags.  


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