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NYC's Homeless and Runaway Youth Rally Against...

NYC's Homeless and Runaway Youth Rally Against Proposed Budget Cuts
Mayor Bloomberg plans to cut over half the funding for Runaway and Homeless Youth Services
Some of New York City's homeless rallied on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday to protest Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts to the city's Runaway and Homeless Youth Services. 
Under the proposed plan, the group's $7.2 million in funding would be cut in half. They said this would eliminate over half of the city's existing spaces in shelters set aside for children, from 250 down to just 90.   
Brooklyn Councilman Lewis Fidler was there to call on Mayor Bloomberg as well. He said homelessness is a tragedy no child should have to go through. 
"No child should be left sleeping on a subway grating at night, or be forced to choose between shelter, or their body, and their soul, and their dignity," Fidler said. 
Councilman Fidler said they're asking for an additional $1.5 million to help better meet the needs of the city's homeless youth.  
"For cryin' out loud, can't we find a shelter bed for every young person on the street who needs one?" Fidler asked. 
There are an estimated 3,800 children living on New York City streets.