NYC's First-Ever Design Week Launches Today

by Laura Macchiarola | 05/10/2013 | 4:49pm

NYC's First-Ever Design Week Launches Today

New York City dedicates twelve days to the design industry, but a local think tank says more should be done.

You've probably heard of Fashion Week, but, today, New York City launches a week in honor of design.

The twelve-day long festival is called NYCxDesign and features citywide events on everything from fashion, to graphic design, to interior design.  The Center for an Urban Future, a think tank, applauds the city for taking a first step to highlight the design industry, but they also say there's room for improvement.

David Giles, the Center's research director, said New York City is a design capital of the world, and he wants to see NYCxDesign become an annual event.

"New York is no longer a place where things are made - it's a place where things are designed," said Giles, "[The design industry] is an incredibly innovative, diverse, and important part of the city's economy."

The Center for an Urban Future recommended the city's major design schools join forces to provide more business opportunities for their students.  The Center reported that New York City graduates more than twice as many design students as any other American city.

NYCxDesign ends on Tuesday, May 21st.

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