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NYC Street Vendors Switch Menus with Onset of Cooler Temps

NYC Street Vendors Switch Menus with Onset of Cooler Temps
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As the Fall settles in, vendors are replacing cool refreshments with warm offerings.

As the weather cools off this Fall, street vendors will be looking to switch up their menus. Cool refreshments will be replaced with warmer offerings.

One vendor, Mexican native Irineo Lopez is getting ready to make some changes, even though it’ll mean less cash in his pocket.

Lopez has been selling food and drinks on 170th street and Broadway in Manhattan ever since he came to the United States 12 years ago.  

Lopez says as the weather cools down he replaces his shakes, smoothies and juices with stuff like oatmeal, coffee and hot chocolate.

Lopez works long hours and says he makes about $2,000 a week in the warmer months. He says he actually sees more business in the winter but makes less money. That’s because his summer drinks go for $3.00 to $5.00, while his winter drinks sell for a buck.   

Lopez says he also earns less because some days he can’t even make it out the door.

“When the temperature is in the thirties it’s too cold to stay outside. The temperature is no good,” Lopez said.

Lopez is planning to get away from the cold. He hopes to go back to Mexico in three years and open his own supermarket.