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NYC Soccer Team Will Compete in 2015

NYC Soccer Team Will Compete in 2015
Mayor Bloomberg said New York City's new soccer team will bring jobs and economic growth.

The mayor took part in an event today officially announcing the New York City Football Club. The team is owned by the Manchester City Football Club and the New York Yankees. 

Mayor Bloomberg said the city's last major soccer team, the Cosmos, left in the 70s along with other businesses. 

"Today is another example of how far we've come in reversing this trend," he said, "And how we're bringing new jobs, new businesses, and major investments back to New York. And I think it's a great show of confidence in our city's future and in the future of soccer here."
The team will start competing in 2015, but there is still no plan on where to put a stadium. 
While nothing is set in stone, Mayor Bloomberg said the best place for the New York City Football Club to call home is Flushing Meadows Corona Park. 
In addition to the new stadium, the mayor said there would be enough money to renovate the rest of the park and build a new one at Flushing Airport, which is no longer in use.
"This is not going to take away anybody's parkland," he said, "You're rplacing the little bit you use here with parkland in a slightly different location."
Opponents of the proposal argue building a stadium would take away the most important green space in Queens.