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NYC to Give Money to Underperforming Schools


Last year New York State raised the bar on their state exams, and the city wants to help underperforming schools catch up.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a $10 million dollar plan to help low performing elementary and middle schools.  The money will go to 532 schools where more than two-thirds of the students performed below grade level on last year’s english and math proficiency exams.

The Mayor says the additional funds are for extra services like tutoring, after school programs, supplemental materials, and weekend classes. 

“If we don’t reach and inspire kids at an early age, there is just much to great a risk that they will lose interest in their own education, fall into disciplinary trouble, and even fail to graduate,” Bloomberg said.

Schools Chancellor Cathie Black stood alongside the Mayor for the announcement.  She said the city needs to make the most of its resources in helping low performing schools. 

“We need to continue to raise standards and our own expectations.  A tougher, more rigorous curriculum is a start, and we applaud the state for setting a higher bar on its tests, but it’s going to take everyone doubling down to help our kids meet that higher bar, ” Black said.

At the end of the conference, Black was called out for her off-the-cuff comment that birth control would help fix school overcrowding.  Mayor Bloomberg once again defended her and said Black's remark was simply a joke.