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NYC Considers Providing Legal Counsel to Tenants

NYC Considers Providing Legal Counsel to Tenants
Some New York City elected officials are pushing an initiative that would give tenants free legal counsel.
Last year there were nearly 30,000 evictions in New York City. That's according to Council Member Mark Levine.  He says that's because there's an imbalance in housing court. 
Levine says while 90% of landlords have legal counsel during eviction proceedings, only 10% of tenants have the same representation. He says his bill would use city funds to provide tenants with legal counsel to help keep families in their homes.
"This is right, not only morally, but when we spend to prevent evictions, we prevent homelessness," he said.
The bill was introduced in the City Council in March.  Levine's office says they're waiting on a committee hearing to move forward.