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NY AG Schneiderman Sues Weinstein Company

The New York State Attorney General is suing the Weinstein Company.
Eric Schneiderman announced the lawsuit after four months of investigating the Weinstein Company's handling of sexual harassment claims. Schneiderman said in the 12 years Harvey Weinstein ran the company, there were dozens of formal complaints and even more informal complaints of sexual misconduct.
"Women were coerced into facilitating Harvey Weinstein's misconduct. Sometimes they were targets themselves," Schneiderman explained. "If they refused, they were threatened with insults, their careers were threatened, they were threatened with physical intimidation and violence."
Schneiderman said not a single investigation was launched from the complaints that piled up over the years. He said the lawsuit is about making sure Weinstein and the executives who covered up his misconduct face accountability.
"The corporate entity has a legal duty to protect employees," Schneiderman said. 
The Weinstein company is up for sale now, and Schneiderman said he wants to make sure a deal is reached that compensates victims and hold executives accountable. The Weinstein Company hasn't commented on the lawsuit.