NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2024: Winners and Local Artists

Tiny Desk contest

Congratulations to the 2024 winner, The Philharmonik from Sacramento, CA! He's a producer, singer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist whose entry video, "What's It All Mean," floored this year's panel of judges.

It ain't over 'til it's over, and there's still plenty of Tiny Desk fun to be had:

NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf Series

This YouTube Channel puts a spotlight on talented entrants who caught the judges' ears. Check out the best of the bands from across the land.

2024 Tiny Desk Contest On The Road Tour

The 10-city summer tour includes the 2024 Contest winner plus some amazing Tiny Desk Contest artists from each city. They hit BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! on June 22 with FUV favorites Thee Sacred Souls plus Adi Oasis, with thanks to our sister station WBGO. [RSVP]

Local Entries

It takes some chutzpah to put yourself out there, which of course folks around here are generally not short of. Here are the folks in our neighborhoods who wrote and recorded an original song and sent it in for consideration.

New York

Arverne, NY | JANEDOE, "Seven"
Astoria, NY | dolltr!ck, "Unspoken"
Bronx, NY | People of Earth, "Black Excellence"
Bronx, NY | Jaswiry, "Libre"
Brooklyn, NY | More Fatter, "Gotta Start Somewhere"
Brooklyn, NY | Leche Malo, "Comfortable Unhappy"
Brooklyn, NY | Taylor Crawford, "Comfort Zone"
Brooklyn, NY | FORAGER, "Haiku Nursery Rhyme"
Brooklyn, NY | Brooklyn Saint, "Details"
Brooklyn, NY | Rachel Varley, "Razor"
Brooklyn, NY | Gentleman Brawlers, "Power Surges"
Brooklyn, NY | Stefan Weiner, "Do Nothing"
Brooklyn, NY | Belle Shea, "Vetiver Perfume"
Brooklyn, NY | Sabrina Song, "Okay, Okay"
Brooklyn, NY | Cheb Brahim, "Most Of Your Things Will Be Forgotten"
Brooklyn, NY | Sandra Kluge, "Misty Rose"
Brooklyn, NY | NANí, "sweetbitter creature"
Brooklyn, NY | Greg Banks Ft. 7 Foot “G”, "Fools Gold"
Brooklyn, NY | brunson, "i feel you"
Brooklyn, NY | Sol Liebeskind, "Ocean's Apart"
Brooklyn, NY | Matar Fuma, "Volverá"
brooklyn, NY | Brooklish, "Loose"
Brooklyn, NY | Judette Elliston, "Tiny"
Brooklyn, NY | Sarah Khatami, "Jannah"
Brooklyn, NY | Moonmill, "Plan B"
Brooklyn, NY | Avangelia, "Breathin"
Brooklyn, NY | Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, "The Healing"
Brooklyn, NY | Ines Martina, "Ghosting"
Brooklyn, NY | Isabel Sky Meyer, "Know Me Best"
Brooklyn, NY | Pauline Roberts, "Calles Opuestas"
Brooklyn, NY | The Women's National Hockey League, "Madison"
Brooklyn, NY | Alea, "Rompe to'"
Brooklyn, NY | John Roseboro, "How To Pray"
Brooklyn, NY | Cleo Reed, "Swim!"
Brooklyn, NY | SPARE ROOM, "Honeybee"
Brooklyn, NY | nellie, "Garden"
Brooklyn, NY | Amelia Murray, "The Inside of The Joke"
Brooklyn, NY | Mercedes Gala, "PERDIDA EN TU JUEGO"
Brooklyn, NY | ImpossibleOddsMusic, "Yetti"
Brooklyn, NY | Rachel Rose, "Distance"
Brooklyn, NY | Selena Tibert, "All That I Taste"
Brooklyn, NY | Sydney Fay, "Run With You"
Brooklyn, NY | Bandits on the Run, "You Are Not A Ghost"
Brooklyn, NY | MARLEY, "Un Weekend Contigo"
Brooklyn, NY | Leash Da BEAAST, "Soul Energy"
Brooklyn, NY | ZOVI x Kitt, "Beautiful Song"
Brooklyn, NY | valmar, "Polly"
Brooklyn, NY | Zaxai, "“YOU”"
Brooklyn, NY | D'Lourdes, "How Did You Get So Good?"
Brooklyn, NY | Mireya Ramos, "Quiero Volver"
Brooklyn, NY | Harper Love, "Moon Mush"
Brooklyn, NY | Giulia Nicole, "Broken (Mirror) on Broadway"
Brooklyn, NY | Thomas Piper, "Wonderfully Made"
Brooklyn, NY | Wiley Beckett, "NYNYNFY"
Brooklyn, NY | Rebecca McCartney, "Mama, I Know"
Forest Hills, NY | The Scooches, "What's Meant To Last Will Last"
Kingston, NY | Claire Boss & Friends, "This Right Here"
Long Island, NY | SWEATA, "0.833333333"
Melville, NY | Suburbia, "Can't Be Your Friend Anymore"
Nanuet, NY | Dumpcake, "Hairy Buford"
New Rochelle, NY | florid, "phantom limb"
New York, NY | Lala, "Love Letters From My Ex"
New York, NY | Nayana AB, "Hold my tongue"
New York, NY | Dolapo Akinkugbe, "Everybody Falls"
New York, NY | Daphne Gale, "New York"
New York, NY | Liz and the Lovelies, "Silver City"
New York, NY | buffchick, "Walk Away"
New York, NY | The Wavos, "Here We Go!"
New York, NY | Raydeo and Banswomb, "Normality"
New York, NY | Sofie Zamchick, "Little Lolita"
New York, NY | Nick Rashad Burroughs, "Gym Crush"
New York, NY | Issadora Ava, "June"
New York, NY | rita castagna, "couch"
New York, NY | Morgan Reilly, "Worse"
New York, NY | Kenna Wong, "Paris Interlude"
New York, NY | Leilani Patao, "Make Believe"
New York, NY | Jenn Dean, "All the Pretty Girls"
New York, NY | Lizzy Hilliard, "thumbelina"
New York, NY | Bill's Band, "Darlin'"
New York, NY | Chaia, "Everything Will Be Okay"
New York, NY | Niño Disco, "Sweet Love"
New York, NY | Tania Przywara, "That Night"
New York, NY | Olivia Reid, "Nightmare Machine"
New York, NY | Kelli Baker, "Blood on The Nile"
New York, NY | Lee Burgos, "Show Me Love"
New York, NY | Yancyabril, "Un Error"
New York, NY | DeVine, "Just Dreamin"
New York, NY | MARI, "Sweet Baby Blue"
New York, NY | NATICA, "Pa'lante"
New York, NY | Babe City, "Body Systems"
New York, NY | Joe Holt, "Please Don't Change"
New York, NY | VERACITY, "Stay Or Go"
New York, NY | Slark Moan, "Sunrise"
New York, NY | Nory, "Turn To"
New York, NY | Craig McGorry & The Truth Project, "Return To Love"
New York, NY | Marcus Jade, "Midwest Toast"
New York, NY | praesēns, "praesēns"
New York, NY | Stephen Stavola, "I've Got My Loving Arms Around You"
New York, NY | Lizzy!, "Boulder In May"
New York, NY | Celia Tewey, "Someday, At Night"
New York, NY | Anjali Rose, "Seis Semanas"
New York, NY | IMANI, "matchbox"
New York, NY | Ashni, "Alone in a Crowd I've Imagined"
New York, NY | Hiroya Tsukamoto, "From Coast to Coast"
Port Chester, NY | Rookie Mistake, "I Will Not Die In Upstate New York"
Queens, NY | Michelle Rocqet, "Loss for Words"
Queens, NY | Danae Greenfield, "Flutterby"
Queens, NY | Orlas, "Viver O Mar"
Staten Island, NY | SickInTheHead, "Gorillaz On The Prowl"
Yorktown Heights | Jessica Lynn, "Love the Day Away"

New Jersey

Asbury Park, NJ | Emerson Woolf & the Wishbones, "Not a Good Woman"
East Brunswick, NJ | Hot Dress, "Grave Robin"
Edison, NJ | Sounds of A&R | S.O.A.R., "He Fell In Love"
Fort Lee, NJ | noremi, "prodigal son"
Jersey City, NJ | Skylar Pocket, "Elijah"
Jersey City, NJ | RaySpitta, "Sunshine"
Lawrenceville, NJ | Kevonna Rose, "Sadderdays"
Montclair, NJ | Self Perpetual, "Aether"
Montclair, NJ | Seth Ortiz, "Fantasía"
Park Ridge, NJ | The Junk Experiment, "Burnt!"
Ridgewood, NJ | Joseph Thor, "Hoboken"
West New York, NJ | Divinity Roxx, "Rebel"


East Hartford, CT | Ysanne & the Lotus Blues, "Regular Hartbeat"
Hartford, CT | Kirk Scully, "Come Home"
Hartford, CT | Keila Myles & The Mooose Knuckles, "Suite 21"
Manchester, CT | Christian Loftus, "Photography Class"
Redding, CT | Elaine Rojas, "Writing To Home"
Thomaston, CT | Chousand, "Pack Rat"



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