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NJ Governor Reacts to Court Ruling on School Funding


State Supreme Court ruling says New Jersey must increase funds for poor school districts.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he won’t challenge a state Supreme Court decision to increase funding to low income school districts. 

However, Christie said he strongly disagrees with the ruling and is speaking out harshly against it.

The governor said throwing money at the problem isn’t the answer.  "We should be getting better results with the taxpayer money we already spent, and we aren’t.”  Christie said changing the educational system goes beyond dollars and cents.  

The New Jersey Supreme Court said the state must increase funding to 31 school districts by roughly $500 million.  This decision was the latest in the state’s long-running court battle over spending in poor schools. 

Governor Christie said funding education is important to the state’s future.  However, he said he doesn’t think it’s the Supreme Court’s job to dictate how money is spent.  “The Court's decision is based on a failed legal and educational theory” said Christie.

The court ruled 3-2 in favor of the Garden State giving poor schools more funding.