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New York Politicians Respond To Syria

New York Politicians Respond To Syria
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Mayor Bloomberg respond to the conflict in Syria and potential U.S. involvment.

A week after the Syrian government allegedly used chemical weapons in its civil war, the rest of world continues to plan a response.  The U.N. continues to gather information about the tragedy before deciding on military intervention.  

The U.S. and its allies in Europe and the Middle East are also considering action regardless of the U.N.'s decision.  New York politicians have offered their responses to Syria.  Mayor Bloomberg called the situation "a great tragedy" but didn't say whether or not the U.S. should intervene.

"What you read about is just sick; of people getting killed.  But I'll leave it to the president of the United States who was elected to make these decisions."  Bloomberg said.

New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney had more of an opinion.  Maloney urges President Obama to get congressional backing before ordering a strike or deploying troops on the Syrian government.  The congresswoman also said the U.S. can't always be called upon to intervene on behalf of other countries

"The world and countries in that region (The Middle East) need to take responsibility for their own safety.  We cannot be 911 to the world."  Maloney said.