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New Net-Like Device Prevents Litter from Reaching Bronx...

New Net-Like Device Prevents Litter from Reaching Bronx Waterways
The DEP is taking steps to help clean up the Bronx River.

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection demonstrated a new litter control device in the Bronx on Thursday.

It's a net that helps to catch trash and debris before reaching the Bronx River. There are four of these devices in the Bronx so far. DEP commissioner Carter Strickland says they've removed 10 tons of litter since they were installed 18 months ago. He also says there's another way to keep the Bronx River clean.

"The best thing to do is to not litter at all. We try to encourage people to do that, recycle. We know the cleaner the streets are, the cleaner the waterways are," Strickland said.

Teens from the Bronx River Arts Center's summer program were at the demonstration. Strickland says he hopes seeing the amount of trash removed helps to teach kids the importance of recycling.  Sixteen-year-old Michael Wheeler says the cleanliness of the Bronx River is important to him.

"We enjoy the river, you know. It's part of the community. We want to be able to swim in it one day," Wheeler said.

 The devices cost about 26 million dollars altogether.