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New Countdown Signals at New York City Intersections


City transportation officials announced installation of new pedestrian signals.

New Yorkers will no longer have to race against the flashing hand at some of New York City's busiest intersections. 

As part of a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, transportation officials announced on Tuesday they are installing countdown signals at 49 intersections along the Bronx's Grand Concourse.

The new countdown clocks signal pedestrians the amount time left to cross.  "We are doing everything we can to take the guesswork with crossing the street," said Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

The DOT will also be installing additional signals at 1,500 intersections throughout the five boroughs.  Installation is determined based on a study conducted last year, which examined over 7,000 crashes causing pedestrian injuries or fatalities.

"We are working with the DOT on prioritizing intersections to make sure that we get to the most dangerous spots throughout our city," said City Council Transportation Committee Chair James Vacca.

"We are now installing them on very wide avenues where it can be very difficult for our most vulnerable pedestrians, kids and seniors, to cross," added Sadik-Khan.  "They need a little more time to cross the street and they need to know how much time they have."

The Bronx's Grand Concourse has had 411 pedestrian injuries and nine fatalities between 2005 and 2009.