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Nada Surf

Nada Surf (photo by Annie Dressner, PR)

Nada Surf (photo by Annie Dressner, PR)


Nada Surf
Never Not Together
Barsuk Records

One of Nada Surf’s most impressive attributes is their longevity. Emerging on the scene in the early Nineties with their Ric Ocasek-produced debut, High/Low, the band has both persevered and flourished while countless bands from that era have fallen by the wayside.

Never Not Together is the band’s ninth studio album and it finds the band's Matthew Caws, Ira Elliot, and Daniel Lorca again exploring interpersonal connections. The band members used to call New York City home, but now they're spread out all over the world. This made finding time to record together a bit challenging, but they settled on the legendary Rockfield Studios (Queen, Dave Edmunds) in Monmouthshire, Wales to record the album.

“Something I Should Do,” the first song released from Never Not Together, was the inspiration for its title. The song harkens back to the band’s first hit “Popular” in the way Caws delivers many of its spoken lyrics. “Empathy is good," he sings, "Lack of empathy is bad. Holy math says we’re never not together.” It’s a clear standout on the album, but it’s certainly not alone.

Adding to the band’s catalogue of love-centric tracks, So Much Love” features their trademark hooks and a driving beat. “Live Learn and Forget” sets a course for moving forward with the line, “It’s always what you do next. That’s where the ship is steered.”

What starts as a seemingly nostalgic track, “Mathilda” evolves as it chronicles the challenges of growing up while struggling with societal norms. The epic “Looking For You” is quite the curveball too, opening with a choir of children’s voices that builds and builds to a swelling chorus.

Never Not Together succeeds with soaring melodies and sing-along choruses, making it a terrific addition to what has become a stellar catalog for Nada Surf. Throughout their more than 25-year career, the band has stayed true to their vision, crafting some of the finest power pop records over the past decades. Ultimately, it’s back to that human connection. “We’re all together, and that’s just the way it is, and the way it always will be,” says Caws in a press release. “That’s the sacred truth of it.”

Listen to a new FUV Live concert with Nada Surf, recorded at Rockwood Music Hall, on Monday night, February 24, at 7 p.m., EST on 90.7, streaming online, and also available on demand.