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My Top Ten Bruce Springsteen songs. What are yours?

Russ Borris shares his favorite Bruce Springsteen songs.  Share yours, too!

As a lifelong Jersey guy, the music of Bruce Springsteen has always been somewhat embedded in my DNA.  It is a source of pride, comfort and hope.  It is that last one that takes center stage on Bruce's new album High Hopes.  With its release this week, I started thinking about my favorite Bruce songs of all-time.  To say that this is a difficult task is quite the understatement.  Like any 'favorites' list, it likely could and will change, but there are a few on here that are locks for sure.

  1. “Thunder Road”
  2. “Brilliant Disguise”
  3. “Fourth of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”
  4. “Candy’s Room”
  5. “Atlantic City”
  6. “Spirit in the Night”
  7. “Streets of Philadelphia”
  8. “Downbound Train”
  9.  “Stolen Car”
  10. “The Ghost of Tom Joad”


Now let's hear yours.  Let the debate begin!