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Morning Brief: December 7 2015

Photo by [Nasa HQ, flickr]


Last night President Obama addressed the nation in the aftermath of last week's tragic shooting massacre in Southern California. Obama declared the shootings, which resulted in the death of 14 people, an attack of terror. However, he was unsure if the couple behind the incident recieved orders from ISIL or any other terrorist groups. The president also defended his stance in Syria and on combatting ISIL. Obama's remarks come amid criticism from Republicans and some Democrats about his policies on dealing with the Syrian civil war. 

Need To Know

President Obama Adresses the Nation On San Bernardino Shooting [LA Times]

Kerry Off Again to Paris For Climate Conference [ABC News]

Rare Victory in Venezuelan Vote [NY Times]

Jimmy Carter Announces He is Cancer Free [CNN]

New York City Will Accept Electronic Waste In Each Borough [NY Daily News]



Rangers beat Senators 4-1

Devils beat Panthers 4-2

Nets lost to Warriers 114-98 


Knicks face the Mavericks at 7:30PM.


Mild and fair today. 54/39. [Full Forecast]

Today In History

Today in 1941, Pearl Habor was bombed by the Japanese. Thus precipitating the U.S.'s involvement in WWII.