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Monika McDermott on Voting Behavior amid COVID-19

(Photo Courtesy: Fordham News)


The Coronavirus pandemic has created political uncertainty that could drastically impact voter turnout and behavior. The debate over a nationwide mail-in election is taking shape, while fears of voter fraud have rained in from levels as high as the White House.

Monika L. McDermott is a Professor of Political Science at Fordham University and an election night polling analyst at CBS News. She also runs the M.A. program in Elections and Campaign Management.

Joining Fordham Conversations host Emmanuel Berbari, McDermott uncovers how the 2020 election will take shape with the various voting obstacles in place, responds to recent mistrust in polling information and details her responsibilities at Fordham, CBS News and the authorship of a recent book, “Masculinity, Femininity and American Political Behavior.”