Miracle Legion: 2016

Miracle Legion with Darren DeVivo at WFUV
by Darren DeVivo | 08/09/2016 | 12:00am

Miracle Legion with Darren DeVivo at WFUV

The band Miracle Legion emerged as a quartet out of Connecticut in 1983. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Mark Mulcahy and lead guitarist Ray Neal were two of the band’s original members. Their initial release was a six song EP called The Backyard, issued in 1984. After two more releases, their debut album, Surprise Surprise Surprise, from 1987 and 1988’s seven song EP, Glad, Mulcahy and Neal found themselves as the only two members remaining in the band.

Undeterred, Miracle Legion carried on as a duo, and they released their second full length album, Me And Mr. Ray in 1989. The band didn’t remain a duo for long, as drummer Scott Boutier and bassist Dave McCaffrey joined, bring Miracle Legion back to full strength. With Boutier and McCaffrey on board, the band released their third album, 1992’s Drenched, but legal problems with their record company caused Neal to throw in the towel and leave the band. Miracle Legion, at least temporarily, was no more.

Mulcahy, Boutier and McCaffrey decided to carry on, forming a new group called Polaris. Polaris ended up creating and performing the music for the Nickelodeon television show, “The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.” Their song, “Hey Sandy,” became the show’s theme. Eventually, with Miracle Legion’s legal issues having been resolved, the band’s final album, Portrait Of A Damaged Family, was released in 1996.

In the aftermath of their final album, the members of Miracle Legion went on to participate in a variety of other projects. Mulcahy started a solo career while Boutier and McCaffrey teamed up with Pixies frontman Black Francis in the band, Frank Black and the Catholics.

Earlier this year, Miracle Legion fans were thrilled to hear that Portrait Of A Damaged Family would be reissued for its twentieth anniversary. The reissue would include its first appearance on vinyl. To celebrate the album’s second life, Miracle Legion decided to come together for a reunion tour.

The band stoppped by WFUV recently and performed some songs for us. Decades after initially playing their music on WFUV, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to three of the members of the band: (Mr.) Ray Neal, Scott Boutier and Dave McCaffrey.

[recorded: 7/14/16]

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