Mike Doughty - FUV Live - 2013

Eric Grossman

Used to be, Mike Doughty didn't play Soul Coughing songs. He didn't even want to talk about Soul Coughing. It was a dark period of his life/career that was better left where it was - in the mid-nineties. And his fans didn't seem to mind. Doughty has had a fantastic solo career thus far, with eight full length studio albums, and a bunch of EP's, plus a new memoir called The Book of Drugs, which, in part, explored the "dark, abusive marriage" that was his experience of Soul Coughing. But there was unfinished business there. Doughty never was satisfied with how the songs were recorded, and so decided to launch a PledgeMusic campaign to finance a new album of reimagined versions of those songs. In advance of the album release, Mike Doughty stopped by to tell us more about the project, and play "Super BonBon" like we hadn't ever heard it before.

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