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Meg Braun, Fred Gillen, and Matt Turk - Sunday Breakfast -...

Fred Gillen, Jr., Meg Braun, and Matt Turk with John Platt in Studio A



Meg Braun, Fred Gillen, Jr., and Matt Turk are friends who have been essential members of the New York folk community. They came together in Studio A in advance of their joint appearances at On Your Radar. Ohio-born Meg is moving on to Nashville, but in her time in New York she was an active participant in the Songwriters Exchange and a co-founder of Chicks With Dip, the sisterhood and support group of songwriters who put together the marvelous tribute album, Joni Mitchell's Blue: A 40th Anniversary Celebration. She has just released her third album, Restless Moon.

Fred and Matt, both stalwarts of Tribes Hill, the Westchester-based community of musicians, share a a passion for Pete Seeger. Fred's new album, Wage Love, owes a more obvious musical debt to Pete, while Matt's latest, Cold Revival, is a more polished production. Still, Fred and Matt have a deep mutual admiration which shines forth whenever they perform together.