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Media Campaign Heats up New York City's Mayoral Race

A coalition launches an ad campain to spur opposition again Christinne Quinn

A controversial ad campaign is heating up New York City's Democratic primary race for mayor.

The coalition named, "New York is Not for Sale," spearheaded the nearly $1 million campaign.  It features a series of television and radio ads accusing Quinn of being on the wrong side of issues, including labor and animal rights. The coalition's Allie Feldman said they just have one message to share.

"Our supporters run the gamut in terms of who they do support for mayor, but that's not what this campaign is about," said Feldman. "This campaign is about getting the public to look closer at Quinn's record and realize anybody but Quinn would be better for mayor."

Arthur Cheliotes is another member who works with the coalitions.  He said Quinn does not represent the voice of middle class New Yorkers...

"She has pretty much gotten on board with the Bloomberg bandwagon when it comes to catering to the needs and wants of wealthy corporations, ignoring the needs of the working people of this city."

Quinn's office has not returned our call for comment  Polls have shown Quinn is leading the other Democratic contenders for mayor.

To watch the ad you can click on this link.