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Mayor Bloomberg Cuts the Ribbon on a New Waterfront Park in...

Mayor Bloomberg Cuts the Ribbon on a New Waterfront Park in Queens
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Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park is the first of several new additions to the Long Island City neighborhood.

The neighborhood known as Hunter's Point South is receiving a makeover, and with this week's opening of a scenic waterfront park, community members are finally able to see some results.

The 5-1/2 acre park's part of a major development project that also includes an affordable housing complex and a new public school. The park features an expansive lawn as well as a retail pavilion, and even a beach.  The Mayor says it's part of the city's attempts to reclaim its waterfront for public enjoyment and economic advancement, which also include recent projects like developing the Brooklyn Bridge Park and renovating Governor's Island.

Stacy Coltman's son is studying at the Academy for Careers in Film and Television, which will share an 1,100-seat building behind Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park with a middle school when classes begin September 9th. She says the park's the perfect place for her son to hone his craft.

"I think that this is beautiful, and it's actually a great space for them with all of their interviewing, and they'd be able to film in the area..."

The park's designed in such a way to protect the area from future flooding from the East River.