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Martin Sexton - FUV Live at Electric Lady Studios - 2015

Hear an FUV Live concert with Martin Sexton tonight at 9.



FUV longtime favorite Martin Sexton needed only his guitar to captivate in this exclusive performance from Electric Lady Studios. He was psyched to be in this room packed with FUV donors sharing songs from his fine new album, Mix Tape of the Open Road.

The album is appropriately titled and as Martin shares in the interview, he was really inspired by the whole concept of mix tapes - especially the ones his wife made for him early on in their relationship. Sexton has never been a songwriter to stick in one genre. He is always walking the lines of folk, soul and country with his records, but when he's performing it's all about the strength, beauty and honesty of his voice and lyrics. And in this set, look out for the unexpected version of a One Direction song.

[recorded: 1/20/15]

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