Margaret Glaspy

Margaret Glaspy (photo by Ebru Yilidz, PR)
by Darren DeVivo | 06/20/2016 | 12:05am

Margaret Glaspy (photo by Ebru Yilidz, PR)

Emotions And Math
Margaret Glaspy
ATO Records

Margaret Glaspy is not shy about sharing emotions in her songs. The rawness of her music mirrors the feelings she sings about. This introspective toughness forms the whole of her debut album, Emotions And Math.

A California native, Glaspy first went to Boston to get her career in music off the ground. Today she calls New York City home. Her first recordings were heard on a pair of EPs which helped set the stage for this first album.

Glaspy’s talents lie in her ability to express her feelings simply and honestly. Her words can ricochet from unembellished vulnerability, to biting sarcasm, to nervy, sneering ire. She possesses an expressive, wavering singing style which is ideal for delivering what’s on her mind. A singer and songwriter who plays an electric guitar in favor of an acoustic,  it’s Glaspy's overdriven, gritty playing that acts as the exclamation point to her words.

Glaspy produced Emotions And Math herself and gave the album an in-your-face vibe. She holds nothing back in the highly confessional songs that pack this album. There is no doubt that if she’s been crossed by someone, that person will be the focus of Glaspy's spitting songwriting fury, as on “Pins And Needles." If she is feeling weak and vulnerable, she is going to boldly express that too (“You Don’t Want Me").

Not everything on the album cries “woe is me” or “you’ll get yours.” Glaspy also admits to being the one guilty of doing the heartbreaking (“You And I”). Not unlike a musical therapy session, the songs on Emotions And Math find Glaspy facing her deepest trials and tribulations; her songs reflect her fierce determination to get through any issues with her head held high.

The album’s twelve songs range from grooving pop (“No Matter Who”) to slow burning, low-key grunge (“Memory Street”). Glaspy is a fresh voice and Emotions And Math succeeds because it is relatable: she sings of emotions and feelings everyone has experienced at one time or another. With her impressive debut, Glaspy is a new, late night companion for those times when confidence is low, anger runs high, and that significant other has done you wrong.

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