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Manhattan BP Speaks Out Against Dirty Boilers


Manhattan Borough President says timeworn boilers in New York City are huge polluters.

In the fight to prevent air pollution, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said dirty boilers are enemy number 1.

Stringer said boilers running on cheaper, lower grade number 4 and 6 oils emit up to 85% of all the soot in New York City’s air. “If you replace all the cars, all the trucks, they still do not create the same kind of health hazard that these boilers present.” Stringer said the most affected neighborhoods are in the Bronx and Manhattan’s upper West Side.

Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC initiative aims to replace dirty boilers, but Stringer wants the city to speed up its timeline. “New York City is supposed to lead the nation in environmental protection, and yet we can’t even replace our boilers, so we have to come up with a program that will actually move this as a number one health issue,” Stringer said.