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Manhattan Borough President Proposes Plan To Jump-Start NYC...

Manhattan Borough President Proposes Plan To Jump-Start NYC Exports
Borough President Scott Stringer outlines a plan to help small businesses sell overseas

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wants to help New York City's small businesses export their goods and services. He outlined how to do so on Wednesday in his proposal "Export New York City."

Stringer says the government should make it easier for local businesses to export, by creating a one stop-shop for exporting advice and resources. He also wants to create a mentoring program to help emerging exporters get started.

"It doesn't happen alone - you need to have help from experienced exporters," Stringer said. He added that first step is for businesses to realize that exporting is a vital economic strategy.

Stringer spoke at the Brooklyn Brewery, where they export beer to 20 different countries. A few small business owners shared their experiences with exporting, including the Brewery's owner Steve Hindy.

Hindy says they started small and simple. "We basically said, 'Okay, we'll sell you some beer. But you gotta pay us before we ship it.' That was our only strategy and rule."

The Brooklyn Brewery is now 25 years old and sells its products in 20 countries. They're currently building a brewery in Sweden.