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The Lone Bellow: Rockwood Music Hall 2015

In anticipation of their shows here in NYC this week, hear a live concert with The Lone Bellow tonight at 9.

The Lone Bellow (photo by Tim Pierson for WFUV)



There's always a lot of pressure making the follow-up to a successful debut album. The Lone Bellow met that challenge by changing a few things, and building on what makes them so special: a whole lot of heart and soul.

After the release of the new album, Then Came The Morning, the band returned to where it all started for this exclusive FUV Live show. Their debut was recorded at Rockwood Music Hall and it's where the band took shape. What a treat for FUV Marquee Members to be in the room for this passionate performance.

[recorded: 2/2/15]

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