The Lone Bellow - Live Concert - 2013

The Lone Bellow, photo by Jim O'Hara
by Rita Houston | 01/21/2013 | 12:30am

From the FUV Vault: Hear The Lone Bellow recorded live at Rockwood Music Hall, tonight at 9pm on FUV. Listen anytime online.

A lot is about to change and quickly for this trio of Southerners who now call Brooklyn home: The Lone Bellow has yet to perform outside of New York, but their debut album is already charting on iTunes. They just quit their day jobs this week so they'll be able to go on tour. You'll see in this performance why they're bound to connect with new fans on the road. Zach Williams, Kanene Pipkin and Brian Elmquist are natural, passionate live performers who play and sing in close harmony with startling confidence.

Their debut album, The Lone Bellow, was recorded at Rockwood Music Hall, closing the place for three days and nights. This FUV Live show took place on the same stage, which might explain just a little of the magic.

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